Mindful Walking and Muse

On Thursday I finished my paper round duties for the year, which means that for the next few weeks I won’t have to get up at 2:00am!  On Friday I drove up to Sydney for a short break.  I went to see Sydney FC play Melbourne City on the Friday, and then on Saturday morning I went for a three hour walk around the wetlands adjacent to Sydney Olympic Park.


The weather was fine and sunny, and it was great to get away from the hustle and bustle of Sydney.  I turned off my music and walked without distraction, taking time to listen to nature, to notice the scents from the flora and nearby water, to notice the breeze on my skin, and to feel the connection of my feet on the ground.  In other words, I was walking mindfully.  Usually when I walk I do so at speed, with no attention or appreciation given to my surroundings.  This experience was far more relaxing and spiritual.



Later on Saturday, I went to see Muse at the Qudos Bank Arena.  The show was good, but I wouldn’t call it great.  When they played the old favourites, the arena was bouncing, but unlike Kasabian earlier in the year, they did not seem to have the whole crowd up and dancing in the aisles.  There were periods during some of the more experimental stuff, when I even began to feel a bit bored!  Having said that, the show was spectactular and the good far exceeded the bad.


Also, as I get more comfortable attending events such as Muse and the football, I can relax and enjoy them more.  When I went to see the Jezabels in October 2016, I was very anxious and arrived at the venue as late as possible to avoid any temptation to drink.  On Saturday, I was able to queue up at the bar and order a bottle of water without any axiety.   The $5 that cost was a bit much, but I didn’t let it create a resentment, which it most certainly would have done a little over four years ago.



On Sunday I drove back to Canberra refreshed and ready to start my training tha I hope, no intend, will deliver a sub 18-hour 100km next November.

6 thoughts on “Mindful Walking and Muse

  1. Love watching your journey Chris and look to see you relaxing more as you move forward 👍
    On a technical point, you should make sure you place a carriage return () immediately after your images. Otherwise, although you can’t see it on your blog, the text in the html coding stays on the same line as the image and is hard to read (for old blokes like me) in the emailed copy. The WordPress coding of html is crappy for purists like me 😃


    1. See! The brackets after the words *carriage return” were meant to enclose the html code for carriage return but, of course, WordPress decided that I was actually putting a return in the wrong place in my comment so just ignored it


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